A break in unsepoilt nature

If you are looking for peace and like abandoning yourself to the magic of pristine nature, then Banjšice is the right choice for you! The Banjšice Plateau is the only plateau in Slovenia where you can admire the beauty of the Julian Alps on one hand, and the magic of the Gulf of Trieste and Venetian Slovenia on the other. If you are lucky, you will even be able to see ships in the Adriatic Sea! This land is ideal for people who love freedom, sun and wind, the smell of flowering meadows, and long walks without fear of getting lost. We have also prepared various activities for those who prefer adrenaline sports: cycling (a downhill trail), hiking (various levels of difficulty), paragliding, caving, and picking herbs in the wild. Whatever you decide, we can assure you that the magic world of Banjšice will also accompany you when you drive back down into the valley.


Our special passion is horses. We offer you a professional riding expirience.

Our riding school is designed for all those who like horses as mutch as we do. With our professional approach, we can make your horse riding even more pleasurable.

We also offer you horse training - from dressage or parkour to obtaining a licence.

Cross-country training is also available.

camp / accommodation

You can admire and enjoy in illuminating moments at DS Camping, founded by the local Dejan Strgar; he decided to share his knowledge, love of animals and intact nature with others. In the camp, in the open air below Banjšice sky or in a safe shelter of a wooden drying frame you can take a rest without the alarm clock and after resting,  start a new day, full of surprises. The camp is fenced off on the green plot, while during the warmest months; the planted trees offer a lot of pleasant shade. It is also equipped for pleasant camping, located near the common beds on the wooden drying frame. In immediate vicinity, there is a tolilet, bathrooms and sink for washing dishes. Visitors have unlimited access to the outdoor grill and a bigger space for socializing. There is also a snack bar and reception, where visitors can get any information they want. Nearby, there is a parking lot for cars, motor bikes and bicycles. The camp also welcomes your pets. Upom agreement with the staff, the camp offers you numerous adventures in nature, such as getting to know and riding horses, accompained by professionals, cycling, parachuting, rafting on the marvellous Soča River i.e. sleckline and many others. We invite you to experience the freedom of living in wonderful nature and discover your own intact piece on the earth. 


Unique horseshoe products

Unique horeshoe products that you can use at home or as a gift. Since a horseshoe symbolizes happiness, every home should have a unique horseshoe product.

Orders via mail: info@dscamping.si or via phone number 051 270 118.


Riding School


Dejan Strgar,
Banjšice 12,
5251 Grgar


P: 051 270 118 or 051 214 912

M: info@dscamping.si